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Home Court summer camps create a safe, positive, high-performance environment so all players are ensured a positive and productive experience. Sessions combine specifically-designed skill development drill stations, basketball I.Q. training, competitions and games so players can become better, smarter and more competitive players. Our staff of coaches serve as the ultimate role models helping our participants gain leadership skills, confidence and an appreciation for being coachable and fun to play with and against. At the conclusion of each session, participants leave the gym better basketball players, better teammates and excited to return to Home Court again soon.

Home Court Summer Camps are uniquely designed to create Success On & Off the Court!

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On Court Success

  • Grade & Gender Specific: Players are able to be in a comfortable setting and know they will be appropriately challenged by the instruction and competition (if you feel your child is playing at an advanced level for their grade please contact us)

  • Player to Coach Ratio less than 5 to 1: Players get the personal attention and specific instruction needed to maximize their potential for individual development.

  • Limited Enrollment: Players receive a lot of drill repetitions and playing time in games during well organized and fast paced sessions.

  • Skill & Basketball IQ Development: Players get skill instruction (shooting, ball handling, footwork) but also basketball I.Q. training (off-ball movement, transition offense/defense, team defense) will help them become more valuable to their team next season

  • Shooting Form Video Analysis: Wednesday is Shooting Day where every player gets to see their shooting mechanics on video to identify areas of concern and work on drills specifically-designed to improve shooting form, rhythm and consistency

Off Court Success

  • Highly Trained Group of Coaches: Coaches create a positive and productive environment for all participants by serving as the ultimate role models for young players

  • Positive Coaching Model: Our coaching philosophy is that with confidence comes competence. Coaches will catch players in the act of doing things right and when needed approximately right to encourage development. Players create a habit of working towards success that will extend beyond the court.

  • Off Court Lessons: Players will get an opportunity to develop their communication skills, understand the value of being able to move on the "Next Play", learn to win with humility and lose with grace while also gaining an appreciation for hard work and being coachable.

  • Valuable Teammate Evaluations
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