100 Hours of Home Court
April 4th - 8th (Around the Clock)

For the last 8 years Home Court has kept the ball bouncing for more than 12,000 boys and girls and we need your help to keep the ball bouncing for 100 continuous hours during the 100 Hours of Home Court, April 4th-8th. Not only will we be having a lot of fun but we'll also be raising funds for our Home Court Kids Fund & Home Court Coaching Development Program.

"We struggle for basic family needs. Our limited budget has never afforded us the luxury of enrolling our son in structured sports program. As a result, he does not have the fundamental sports skills or game knowledge of most boys his age. This disparity has begun to have a negative impact on his self-esteem and self-confidence. He has loved every day of camp. Each drill, scrimmage and personal growth activity has increased his self-confidence. After the firs day at camp, the first thing he said to me is, "I didn't know I could play basketball SO WELL." I thank you because you made my son feel like a valuable team player." - Dawn R.

"I participated in activities at Home Court since I was in the 6th grade. (My senior year), I was elected the President of my school. In my time at Home Court I learned many valuable lessons about leadership, perseverance, and dedication. I would never be in the position that I am today if I had not attended Home Court." - Tom Cote, Redmond HS Class of 2009

2010 100 Hours Highlight Video
Help us keep the ball bouncing this week by joining us for any or all of the programs listed below (click on the links in the schedule below for program information).

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If you aren't able to participate you can still make an impact on local youth by donating to the 100 Hours of Home Court Giving Campaign to ensure that as many kids as possible can enjoy the Home Court Experience and learn the skills and knowledge needed to be successful on and off the court.